#813: Dr Julia Brassolotto: Barriers to Healthcare for Rural Seniors

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Dr. Julia Brassolotto at the University of Lethbridge is investigating issues around long term care for seniors in rural Alberta.

Nursing homes can be far away or maintaining privacy in a small town can be a concern.

DR. JULIA BRASSOLOTTO:  The structural challenges in terms of finding a placement for a family member who needs care, and as the program unfolds, can we help people earlier on working with dementia care so they can hopefully stay in their communities longer.  And in some cases it’s because there are different divisions of public and private life in rural parts.   So some research out of the University of Saskatchewan, for example, has said that some family members wont be forthcoming about their family member’s dementia diagnosis because the health care professionals are their friends.  And so they don’t want to seek out home care because they maybe feel a bit sensitive about exposing their family member to community in that state and want to deal with it privately.  So looking at how we support family members is a way of getting them the supports early on so that maybe we can prolong that decision of moving into residential care.
Dr. Julia Brassolotto says her research on seniors in rural Alberta will help in developing policies for better long term care.

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