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Program ID: Innovation Anthology #915
Program Date: 11/21/2017
Program Category: Alberta, Innovation, Technology

NAIT Research: Dr Chris Dambrowitz On PIC

NAIT, the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology, is preparing to open a new building.

It’s called the Productivity and Innovation Centre, or PIC.

Dr Chris Dambrowitz is NAIT’s Associate Vice President of Research and Innovation.

DR CHRIS DAMBROWITZ:   It’s a 185,000 square foot building.  It’s got 2 components, including a massive 75,000 square foot pad which is going to have research in oil sands,  construction innovation, distributed power, industrial and remote rural water, and facilitated access to rapid form factor prototyping for companies to come in and use the gear that NAIT has.  It’s all taxpayer supported.  And to be able to unlock the speed at which our companies can innovate on new products and be able to test and validate those out through a process that we’re calling Tech Gym, or facilitated access, to that gear and that expertise that’s here.  And we see that being delivered increasingly in partnership and seeing far beyond northern Alberta alone. 

Dr Chris Dambrowitz  sees the Productivity and Innovation Centre as a place that facilitates applied research between industry, universities and NAIT.

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