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Program ID: Innovation Anthology #888
Program Date: 08/01/2017
Program Category: Agriculture, Alberta, Biotechnology, Health and Medicine, Life sciences, Women in Science

Dr Linda PIlarski: Several Application for Rapid Detection Test

Dr Linda Pilarski is an oncologist and professor emeritus at the University of Alberta.

Her recent research has focused on the development of a tiny device for fast and cheap detection of e.coli in beef.

But she and her team realize this technology could have a broad range of other applications.

DR LINDA PILARSKI:  Oh, there's an enormous number of applications.  Certainly a huge number of medical applications.  Agricultural applications, testing animals, testing water.   For example, pipelines are really interesting.  Pipelines get badly contaminated.  And because they want to save water, they continually recycle the water and build up bacterial populations that corrode the pipelines.    For example, you might want to test pipeline water.  You certainly will need to test environmental waters, cyana bacteria, pathogenic e.coli in water.   So it becomes very important to be able to check for these things in just about all the aspects of daily life.   Airport security.  Testing for people who've got communicable diseases as they get on or off an airplane,  There's a lot of complexity and privacy issues with that, but it certainly is something that at some point might become necessary .

That was Dr. Linda Pilarski.

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