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Program ID: Innovation Anthology #681
Program Date: 04/16/2015
Program Category: Alberta, Biotechnology, Nanotechnology

Age of Biological Systems in Engineering

Dr. Carlo Montemagno is director of Ingenuity Lab at the University of Alberta.


In a recent edition of New Economy Magazine, Carlo writes that our entire civilization is based on the creative exploitation of 11 fundamental machines. 


The invention of simple, basic devices like the screw, the lever and later the capacitor and transistor are the backbone of agriculture, the industrial revolution and the age of electronics. 


And now, with the advent of nanotechnology, we're entering the new biological age.


DR. CARLO MONTEMAGNO:    I think everybody would recognize that  nature is far more sophisticated in the things that it has versus the devices that we currently build.  Nature has tens of thousands of fundamental operating machines in which to build the world  that we are surrounded by.  And so the work at Ingenuity Lab says that if I can take those operating units that we find in living systems, make them so they are environmentally stable, and then integrate them with  the 11 machines that we have, it opens up an entire portfolio of opportunity for advances in science and technology.


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Dr. Carlo Montemagno, Ingenuity Lab

Dr. Carlo Montemagno, Ingenuity Lab


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