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Program ID: Innovation Anthology #601
Program Date: 03/27/2014
Program Category: Alberta, Nanotechnology, Science Communication, Water

Ingenuity Lab: The Power of N

You may have seen Ingenuity Lab or The Power of N post comments on Twitter.

The Ingenuity Lab is a new agency at the University of Alberta. It's purpose is to take nano technology to the next level, what Dr. Carlo Montemagno calls Nano 2.0.

Carlo has recently moved from Cincinatti to be director of the Ingenuity Lab as well as teach in chemical and mechanical engineering.

DR CARLO MONTEMAGNO: And the technologies that we're focusing on are not geared towards just developing the technology but developing technology with a purpose. The purpose of trying to solve the challenges that we all face to make sure that the lives that we have are better and the lives of our grandchildren are better.

The philosophy behind Ingenuity Lab is captured in its unique slogan.

DR CARLO MONTEMAGNO: Our slogan that we talk about is “The Power of N”. That's Nature, Nano and Networks. The idea is to take inspiration from the natural world. The use of nanotechnology in the sense of being able to manipulate matter at its smallest scale to achieve a desired function and incorporate that into network or systems, systems that are able to interact directly with our world at our scale that enables us to solve the problems that are at our scale.

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Dr. Carlo Montemagno

Dr. Carlo Montemagno


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