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Program ID: Innovation Anthology #316
Program Date: 05/20/2010
Program Category: Bioeconomy, Biotechnology, Genomics, Life sciences

Dr. Stan Blade New CEO for Alberta Innovates Bio Solutions

The growing bioeconomy is fuelled by advances in agriculture and forestry.

And the development of new technology is what underlines the creation of Alberta Innovates Bio Solutions.

Taking the lead as the corporation’s new CEO is Dr. Stan Blade.

As Dr. Blade explains, Bio Solutions will focus on sustainable production, food and health, bio-refining and a new field called fibre conversion.

DR. STAN BLADE: There is a remarkable amount of biomass in this province. We have 35 million hectares of forest, over 20 million hectares of annual crops and forage crops in Alberta. But not only that, what are those convergence technologies that can take that biomass and turn it into those new products. And we’re making those kind of investments as well. Perhaps one example is the new bioconversion network that’s run out of the University of Alberta. That’s made up of a number of companies from both within and outside Alberta giving some consideration to what can we do with ag fibre, with forest fibres, to create fine chemicals, to create a whole array of products that don’t really exist right now.

Dr. Stan Blade says Bio Solutions will help commercialize new technology from agricultural and forestry research.

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