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Program ID: Innovation Anthology #315
Program Date: 05/18/2010
Program Category: Health and Medicine

Dr. Jacques Magnan New CEO of Alberta Innovates Health Solutions

The Alberta Heritage Foundation for Medical Research was established thirty years ago.

An endowment fund from the provincial government attracted topnotch scientists who helped build Alberta’s capacity in health research.

One of those people who came was Dr. Jacques Magnan. A researcher in pharmacology, in 1994, he joined AHFMR to look after the administration of scientific awards.

Now Dr. Magnan takes up his appointment as CEO of the new organization that replaces AHFMR. It’s called Alberta Innovates Health Solutions.

DR. JACQUES MAGNAN: So the mandate has been defined slightly differently. The roles have been targeted a little bit more toward the innovation side of things. So we need to assess properly how the programs and activities of AHFMR are contributing to those roles. And whether there needs to be some changes. What it does, is it does free up some of the resources that the Foundation have at its disposal and it does provide us with an opportunity then to reinvest those resources into more direct research support.

Dr. Magnan says the new organization uphold AHFMR’s commitment to the Polaris prize until it runs out in 2018.



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