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Program ID: Innovation Anthology #308
Program Date: 04/20/2010
Program Category: Energy, Environment, Forests, Natural Resources, Wildlife

SFM Network Promotes Legacy Organization

One of the major revelations of the

Sustainable Forest Management Network

is the number of players who impact the forested land base.

Beyond logging, there’s utilities, transportation, recreation, grazing and energy development.

So while the SFM Network is winding down, a new organization is in the works to bring these other players together, including oil and gas.

Scientific director Dr. Jim Fyles explains.

DR. JIM FYLES: the recent focus on the oil sands work from the environmental community has exposed the energy industry to the same kinds of scrutiny that the forest industry was subjected to about 20 years ago. And of course, the forest industry ended up changing a lot, paying a lot more attention to the kinds of things that the public was looking for. And I think in fact the great advantage of inviting the energy industry around the table with the forestry industry, is there’s an opportunity to avoid going through the same kind of painful process that the forest industry went through for years and years.

Dr. Jim Fyles says a new organization called Canada Land Resource Innovations will continue the legacy of the Sustainable Forest Management Network



Dr. Jim Fyles, Scientific Director, SFM Network

Dr. Jim Fyles, Scientific Director, SFM Network


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