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Program ID: Innovation Anthology #305
Program Date: 04/08/2010
Program Category: Conservation, Environment, Forests, Natural Resources, Wildlife

SFMN's Triad Approach to Sustainable Forest Management

Over the last 15 years, researchers with the Sustainable Forest Management Network have worked with industry and government to incorporate their findings into practice.

One of the major changes is the development of the TRIAD approach to managing forests.

The Network’s scientific director Dr. Jim Fyles explains.

DR. JIM FYLES: We had a strong theme of looking at landscape level practices that would look at how we should essentially zone the land base to determine which kinds of forest management could occur in different places in the landscape In a sort of a nutshell, we are looking at three different levels of management. A protection, conservation kind of level of management in which we aren’t actually doing forest harvesting. An extensive area where we’re using maybe what would be referred to as light-handed or careful logging. And then some areas in the landscape, relatively small areas, that would be devoted to intensive forest management.

According to Dr Jim Fyles, implementation of the TRIAD approach to sustainable forest management is currently most advanced in the province of Quebec.



Dr. Jim Fyles, SFMN Scientific Director

Dr. Jim Fyles, SFMN Scientific Director


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