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Program ID: Innovation Anthology #304
Program Date: 04/06/2010
Program Category: Conservation, Environment, Forests, Natural Resources, Wildlife

SFM Network Winds Down

The spring of 2010 marks the official end for one of the most successful Centres of Excellence in Canada, the Sustainable Forest Management Network.

With its headquarters at the University of Alberta, over the last 15 years, hundreds of researchers from across Canada have worked to change our view of the forest.

Dr. Jim Fyles of McGill University is the Network’s scientific director. He takes this look back to 1995.

DR. JIM FYLES: At the time, there was this emerging understanding of forests as ecosystems, at the kind of stand of trees level, but also at the water and landscape level, and we should be thinking about those kinds of things. Plus we started to be looking at forests at the broad dimensions of the kinds of things that society values out of forests. Not just 2x4’s and toilet paper and those kinds of things, but recreational opportunities, clean water. Plus the cultural and the spiritual aspects of forests which we don’t talk about too much, but which personally I think are extremely important in the way Canadians see forests.

Dr. Jim Fyles says researchers have worked with industry government and aboriginal partners to change forest management practices.



Dr. Jim Fyles, SFM Network

Dr. Jim Fyles, SFM Network


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